Product Range Metal - From raw part to classy component

We form, process and refine different metals according to the customer's requirements and imaginations. We set great store on highest quality and best processing during the complex process of surface finishing. Therefore, even the most various component is putty in our hands!


A start with full speed

The melted mass of a  zinc- alloy is an essential basis in the process of surface finishing.All raw parts are compressed in preassembled casting moulds at shortest time and highest pressure.

Mechanic processing

To create a high-grade basis

The mechanic processing of the cast parts is an important basis in the process of surface finishing and is also realised inhouse.


classy appearance and protective effect

Electroplating brings out the best in different metals and finishes the surface process.


A perfect closing-off

The assembly of the finished, high-grade components finishes the process inhouse the Troeger Surface Group.

precious design, precious feeling