Cool Touch Effect by electroplating shop

It looks classy- and it feels like it!

The electroplating of the components follows the process of surface finishing - starting from the zinc-diecasting to the degreasing of metal surfaces.

The parts are refined with different coats at all times according to customer demands. This is done at fully automated plants of the Troeger Surface Group.

These surface coats do not only look classy they also feel like it. (Cool Touch Effect)
No matter if door handles, gearshift levers, control elements, instrument bezels, trim strips or escutcheon in car interiors. An ideal protection from corrosion as well as a sportive, distinctive and classy visual appearance is guaranteed by a decorative and functional electroplating.


Surfaces that are manufactured at the Troeger Surface Group:

  • Glossy-Nickel
  • Matt-Nickel
  • Glossy-Chrome
  • Matt-Chrome
  • Aluminium-Decor 
The Troeger Surface Group supervises all process steps at electroplating by standardised test- and measurement procedures of our chemists in the in-house laboratory. 

Innovative circulation systems for reduction of effluents and resource recovery see to a material minimised process.
It looks classy- and it feels like it!