TSG Troeger Surface Group as continuously growing company

New Perspectives


The Troeger-Group has invested 2.8 mil Euro in growth-relevant processes and projects since the extension of the TMV Troeger Metal Refinement GmbH (plc) in 2006. 
TSG Troeger Surface Group OHG was founded on 1st May 2009 in order to optimise and simplify processes in the industry of automotive suppliers.

Extra Competence: Electroplating


The Troeger-Group is successfully extended by a state-of-the art metal electroplate in order to stay competitive. Alexander Tröger founded the TMV Tröger Metallveredlung GmbH (plc) in January 2006. The Troeger-Group seizes the chance of embedding the know-how and the more than 20 years experience of a partner company and its highly qualified personnel. Another important fact is the establishment of new jobs. A potential that we know how to use well- for the purpose of our customers.

Shifting of Focus


In 2001, the focus of Troeger lamps was shifted successfully to the field of automotives.
The operation of the CNC polishing plant follows.

Moving and Extending


The production site was moved from Lichtenstein/Saxony to Bernsdorf in the middle of the 1990s due to increasing volume of orders- to come along with the extension of the production area to now 4,000 squaremetres.

Foundation of Gürtlerei Tröger


Gotthard Tröger from Lichtenstein/Saxony founded an ironwork company ‘Gürtlerei Tröger’ in 1978. The main focus was set on the production of living space lamps.
from vision to perfection